Feedback bubbles

Not to toot my own horn, but I tend to be quite good at accepting feedback and and incorporating it into my work.  I value it as an essential tool of collaborative work and as a means of ensuring that multiple voices and perspectives are heard and incorporated.

Perhaps you share this experience: a colleague delivered painful, unsolicited criticism so late in the game that you end up facing a sleepless night on the eve of a big event or before a deadline.  Oh, the wound is still fresh!

In any case, we can always try to be proactive about getting responses and reactions to our work.  I quite like the AWARE model:

Ask for feedback, 
Watch your emotions, 
Ask questions to clarify, 
Reach out for perspectives, and 
Engage your potential.

I particularly liked the description of why these discussions can be difficult–as it lives in that tense spot between
the need to learn and grow, and the need to be accepted just the way we are. Yet, becoming comfortable with these conversation hones our growth mindset and helps us see it as a gift. 

Your feedback:

  • Consider watching the video with your team. Lead them in a discussion about giving and getting feedback. 
  • Can you shift your mindset to one of growth and see feedback as a gift? Your challenge for the week? Ask for feedback from one of your colleagues by using the AWARE model.  
  • Read more here!

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