A Leap of Faith!

Caitlyn Bradburn hikes on the High Desert Trail in Gallup, New Mexico, as she contemplates her leap of faith.
Gallup, New Mexico

Leap of faith

I am going to kick off this year with a leap of faith and begin a career as a consultant.

2018 is off to a bold start that has been in the cooker for some time now. It is a new start that I have planned for, contemplated, and researched. I come at this leap of faith with firm resolution, a clear vision, and excitement.

Much of my experience has been around workforce development for health and training of healthcare workers. I have a keen interest in global health, reproductive health, HIV prevention, treatment, and care, and community health worker interventions. My work has involved collaboration with healthcare workers in 15 different countries, and in many challenging settings. I have worked in contexts that vary from the 2014-2015 Emergency Ebola response to developing long-term leadership programs. I have experience conducting literature reviews and needs assessments related to training interventions and integrating monitoring and evaluation into my work.  My eye for exciting new practices and innovation is matched with training in public health, human centered design, and participatory research. And, finally, my training has given me a discernment when it comes to translating research into practice, behavior change, and knowledge acquisition.

I look forward to collaborating with others, contributing my instructional design skills, and engaging with different projects, organizations, and people.

What’s coming next?

I love designing curriculum and trainings, working with lots of different people and groups, and facilitating trainings. As such, it makes tremendous sense to me to focus on what I love the most, what I am best at, and work with organizations around the world to help them achieve their goals, build highly skilled and knowledgeable cadres of healthcare workers and community health workers.

Thanks for believing in me and coming along for the ride. Thanks for taking this leap of faith with me. Feel free to connect with me, read more about my experience and what I can do for you.  Let’s work together! Please contact me if you would like support in any stage of training development, design, or delivery.

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