Happy Valentine’s Day! Condom Education for all

Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all! My gift to you is condom education!

A picture of a pile of colorful condom in clear wrappers
Colorful condom

I love teaching about sexual and reproductive health. And I love making trainings fun and engaging. So, when you put the two of those together, I REALLY love sex ed games with condoms! Oh, yes.

So, for Valentine’s Day, my gift to you are instructions on how to play a most enjoyable condom game!

I like to call this…Condom: Behind the Sheet

Objective of Condom: Behind the Sheet

  • To build condom-skills in a low pressure environment
  • To build confidence in condom-skills


  • A large piece of fabric (or sheet or shower curtain or curtain)
    • Cut holes in the fabric so that several players can put their hands through the holes (ideally 10 holes for 5 players–customize to the size of your fabric)
  • Condoms- at least enough for 1 for each player
  • Demonstration penis models for each player

Set Up:

  • On a long table, place 5 stations with a condom and penis models.
  • Ask for two participants to hold the fabric up. They should hold the fabric up so that players CAN see over the top but CANNOT see the table. Tip: the holes should be aligned with the wrist of the participants (not the elbow which would allow them to see the condoms)
  • Divide the remaining participants into 5 groups.
  • Ask for one volunteer from each group to stand behind the sheet and insert their hands through the holes so that they can reach the condoms and demonstration penis model.


  • Explain that people often feel unsure of their ability around using condoms. They can gain confidence in their ability by practicing.
  • Tell the participants that the five who are behind the sheet will be competing to see who can accurately put the condom on the demonstration penis the fastest while doing it correctly.
  • While they are competing, the rest of the participants should actively cheer for and coach their team member who is competing.
  • The winner of the race represents the winning team.
  • While they are competing, the rest of the participants should be divided to cheer for and give instructions to “their” player. The winner of the condom race represents a winning team.
  • Allow for as many groups of participants as time allows while maintaining the teams.
  • Keep score and offer a prize to the winning team.


  • Why did we do this activity?
  • What does this activity teach us about using condoms?


  • Use internal condoms and pelvic models
  • Play a song while the participants are competing to make the point that putting on a condom takes little time at all

This is a lot of fun, engaging, and interactive. Allow the competitiveness and cheering to take over!

Do you want to add in some fun sex-ed games to your trainings? Reach out!

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