Did you catch this article in the New York Times? A Nation of Weavers.

In the article, the author, David Brooks, a sociologists, describes how, as a country, we tend to be disconnected from each other. We live the American Dream of individualism, but that individualism means that we can also suffer alone, grieve alone, and feel alone.

Enter the “weavers”. “This problem is being solved by people around the country, at the local level, who are building community and weaving the social fabric.”

“Weavers share an ethos that puts relationship over self. We are born into relationships, and the measure of our life is in the quality of our relationships. We precedes me.”

Beautiful. Do you know any weavers? The Global Health world is filled with them–I have had the joyful opportunity to work alongside of amazing community health workers and peer educators who know everyone in their community and who care deeply about making their community a better place for all.

Weavers. May we know them. May we be them.

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