Leadership Training with the CDC in Haiti

CDC Haiti. Haiti Flag.I just wrapped up facilitating three great days of training for Senior Leaders at the CDC Haiti. They are doing tremendous work in support of the Ministry of Health. Our time together was spent in building their already-strong leadership and management skills.


I started the session by presenting Integrated Practices for High Performing Health Systems, developed by USAID and WHO, that highlights the key differences and overlaps between leading and managing. With such high performing professionals, like those at CDC, nesting their behaviors  within a larger framework (like health systems strengthening) emphasize the importance of building leadership and management skills.  We thought about their day-to-day work and where their tasks fell within the practices. It became immediately clear for some where they had strengths and areas in need of attention. We then linked the rest of the training to their work in health system strengthening in partnership with the government.

We spent three days together exploring their skills and working with tools to build their skills. If you or your organization would like a similar training, please reach out. I’d love to help! I am open to new contracts and to working together. Please let me know how I can help you to build effective, exciting, and practice-based trainings.

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